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Hey there, I am a recent YSDN grad and a curious designer dedicated to producing engaging, effective, and human centred design solutions. My underlying goal in all of my design endeavours is to create lasting and exciting experiences for the user, be that through print or digital means.

From my time in university, I have found keen interests in various different disciplines of design. I have had a strong interest in product design, user research and systems thinking from the beginning and have interned at Universe, which allowed me to explore and hone my product design skills. From working with developers to UX writing, I was thrilled to be part of such a collaborative team. I also have an interest in branding and marketing, and have interned at Underline Studios in Toronto. My time there gave me the opportunity to get hands on experience with large scale clients for packaging and marketing materials as well as printing processes. For more info on my experience, check out my resume!

I am currently seeking internship and job opportunities. 

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