Project Overview
With both individual and team components, teams will design, develop and refine an application prototype over a series of phases: envisioning the conceptual framework, implementing a working prototype and evaluating and improving the prototype based on user testing(s).

This is a joint project with Jayde Norstrom and Janette Xiao.

Product Design, UX/UI
December 2018
Role – Research, Writing, Art Direction, Designer
Tools — Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma

The Problem

Hanging out with friends and family over the breaks is one of the best things to look forward to. However, it can be a challenge meeting up when everyone is also busy trying to catch up with everyone else.

→ Hard to figure out everyone’s availability
→ Difficult to decide on a place and time to meet
→ Important information gets lost in group chats
→ Finalizing plans and physically finding each other can be a struggle

The Solution

An app that helps you and your group plan a way to get together through:

→ Shared calendars
→ Poll voting systems
→ Location services
→ Informative event pages


An essential part of our approach to designing interactive systems is that it should put people first; it should be human-centred. We use the acronym PACT (People, Activities, Contexts, Technologies) as a useful framework for thinking about a design situation.  

View PACT Analysis →


The context scenarios were a compilation of features included in the app, a rationale for each function, what data would be displayed for the feature and where the app would get that data from. The requirements chart helped us understand what was the most and least important features of the app. We used the MOSCOW rule to determine the priority of each feature, of what was a must have vs a should/could/would have.

View Systems Requirement Chart →
We also performeed user interview summaries, personas, and context scenarios all of which can be found in the full research report here ︎ 





To evaluate the flows of the app, we invited three participants within our target audience to test certain objectives, tasks and scenarios in conjunction with a casual interview. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding by combining qualitative and quantitative information. Although they were able to get through most of the tasks quickly, we realized that many struggled with the group calendar.

The group calendar is uncommon since many of our participants haven't seen anything like it in the apps they use. We iterated and continued to test as time allowed, before reaching a point of consensus.

View full user testing plan + findings ︎


After brainstorming a list of names together, we decided on this playing off the idea of a conversation being a back and forth much like a ping pong rally. Rally is also a common phrase used for coming together e.g “rally the troops.”

View full brand guidelines here ︎


︎Your day: A total breakdown of your current day and events going on
︎Events: Your calendar at a glance with the events you're interested in
︎Notifications: Changes to plans, reminders to RSVP

Event Pages

︎Find detailed information about the event
︎Accessibility information
︎See how far away your friends are from the location
︎Includes maps and directions
︎See who's going and invite other people

Groups + Scheduling

︎Group polls allow for easy decision making on things like event location
︎Shared group calendar shows at a glance which days have the most amount of people available
︎Create events based on availabilities


︎Group polls allow for easy decision making on things like ︎event location
︎Shared group calendar shows at a glance which days have the most amount of people available
︎Create events based on availabilities

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