Project Overview
Branding for a fictional computational arts festival set in Berlin, Germany called TART (a combination of “technology and art”.) Bilingual posters, tickets, advertising, programs and marketing materials were all generated for this project.

Communication Design, Branding
December 2019
Tools — Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop
Role – Research, Writing, Art Direction, Designer

Developing the
Visual Identity

The visual language of the festival draws on the various shapes and elements commonly seen in computational artworks to create a dynamic system that can be applied to various artifacts and create interesting compositions. The wordmark is a combination of a more decorative typeface and a more techy/pixelated typeface to reinforce the merging of art and technology. It uses black, white and silver to maintain a minimalist and professional look while also helping to showcase the incredibly vibrant artworks from the designers on display.

Process Work ↴

Flexible Identity

The visual elements and grid system work well to create a dynamic range of possibilites for promotional items. 

3 Day Program

As part of the deliverables, a 3 day bilingual program detailing the events, workshops andexhibitions was created.


The physical tickets were also bilingual with one side being German and the other side English with each graphic representing either  a workshop, exhibition or talk. They were printed on black paper and silver foiled. The E-tickes worked off the visual language of the physical tickets and were reversed to provide variety. 

Marketing MaterialsThe 

Tote bags, signage, press passes and a website were also created as promotional items for the festival.  

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